Rodenstein Records   ROD 70

Fola Dada & Rainer Tempel
Amherst, MA

Fola Dada (Vocals)

Rainer Tempel (Piano)
I felt a funeral in my brain
Because I could not stop for death
The crickets sang
I cannot live with you
Surgeons must be very careful
If I should die
The first day's night had come
The duties of the wind are few
Hope is the thing with feathers
I measure every grief I meet


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This CD is the second song cycle with American poems from the 19th century set to music by Rainer Tempel and Fola Dada. Their first project was the CD „Boston, MA“ with texts from Edgar Allen Poe (Rodenstein Records ROD 64). 10 songs composed with poems by Emiliy Dickinson (1830-1886).

Dada & Tempel are delving even deeper into the genre of classical 19th century „Kunstlied“, although they are also influenced by the Great American Songbook as well as from the great songwriters of pop and rock. Dickinson’s texts full of mysticism and symbols combined with Tempel’s compositions are leading to a very unique melange of poetry and music.
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more about the musicians
Rainer Tempel
Rainer Tempel, born in 1971, has recorded more than 20 CD as a leader and is one of Germany’s most renowned and creative arrangers. He has arranged bigband charts for all the major radio bigbands in Germany (SWR, NDR, HR), as well as for many other ensembles (woodwindquintet, string quartett, classical orchestra…).
He is head of the jazz department of the State Academy of Music in Stuttgart.
Fola Dada:
Starting out as a tap dancer, Fola Dada soon became one of the most prolific singers in Germany - bridging the gap between jazz, pop and soul. For many years she has been the lead singer in the SWR radio bigband. For six years she was vocal coach in Europe’s leading TV casting show. But she is also a great writer and composer and has published 2 CD (ROD 38 und ROD 55) with her own songs on Rodenstein Records.