ROD 82 

Rodenstein Records   ROD 82

Deng Xiaomei International Ensemble
Crossing Boundaries

Five Elements
Rock, Paper, Scissors
Far East Blues
Cowboy on the Run County Jam
Silk Moon
Der Mond ist aufgegangen


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For more than 15 years this international ensemble has been crossing musical boundaries: Starting out with traditional Chinese Erhu melodies on their first CD (ROD K03) that were completely rearranged and spiced up with elements of Jazz, rhythms from Brasil and Africa and a lot of improvisation, the group now widened its scope: On their new release you can find Arabic tunes as well as Klezmer, an Irish pop song as well as an American country song, a wonderfully arranged medley of five Chinese melodies as well as a popular German folk song composed in the 18th century and an original blues composition featuring the Chinese harp Guzheng.
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more about the music
But none of the songs is just a cover version. The band rearranged all the songs using all the sound colours of their unique instrumentation and their diverse musical backgrounds:
The traditional Chinese folk violin Erhu and the Chinese Harp Guzheng combined with Vibraphone, Cello, Saxophone/Flute/Bass Clarinet, double bass, percussion and guitar (acoustic, electric and the Persian Tar).

The result is a real world-music, full of wonderful melodies, moving rhythms, tasteful harmonies, great jazz improvisation, tender string parts contrasting with distorted electric guitars, Peking Opera melodies next to jazz, classical melodies and folk songs - a unique open-minded blend crossing boundaries of musical epochs, styles and regions.

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Deng Xiaomei was a long-time member of the famous Bejing Opera Ensemble. After moving to Germany she tried to integrate the beautiful Erhu sound in Western music. After many crossover projects with classical music and pop she met saxophone player Olaf Schönborn and Vibraphonist Claus Kiesselbach an together they founded the Deng Xiaomei international Ensemble which has been touring all over Europe and also had concerts in Shanghai and Bejing.