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Rainer Tempel

Johannes Lauer, Trombone
Bastian Stein, Trumpet
Christian Weidner, Saxophone
Rainer Tempel, Piano
On wilshire boulevard
Jugend musiziert
Scaling life
Interview mit B.E.
Figuring life
Men at work
Ludus aeternum
The kite player
Der Bericht des Gesandten


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3’00'' is a musical cycle in 12 parts with a fixed duration of 3 minutes. 3 minutes as a self-determination by the composer. 12 parts almost like the 12 three minute rounds in a boxing match stopped by the gong. Performed by an unusual band line-up without bass or drums. Fascinating, creative, very melodic and multifaceted.
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more about the music
The idea for 3’00’’ had evolved since 2016 when Rainer Tempel realized that the medium duration of his compositions on his last album was 11,3 minutes whereas his songs on the CD Amherst (2019) were only 3,2 minutes long. The difference in length was striking. The length of a tune depends on the musical form on the organization of the musical material, but is also influenced by the technical means of recording and the attention span of the listener. Music is an art form WITHIN time and it has the power to keep a listener for a determinated time span until the end of a song. This determinated length however, can be experienced subjectively by the listener as long or short.

These conceptional reflections were the starting point for the compositions on 3’00’’:
How do 3 minutes of slow music differ from 3 minutes of fast music? What is the influence of the time limitation on the act of composing? How can I end a blues when I have only the time left for 10 more bars? And how can I say everything in 3 minutes?

Rainer Tempel took 12 very different musical ideas that ended up creating a musical unity. 12 ideas also moving in circular way through the cycle of Fifths. A rather theoretical concept but filled with a lot of personal freedom and character by the fabulous players.

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Rainer Tempel
has published more than 20 CDs as a composer and pianist since 1994. He has developed his musical ideas in very different musical line-ups but always with distinguished and creative musicians. His aim is to widen the scope beyond mere jazz compositions by including influences from poems to popular music, from classical music to sports. He has worked as an arranger and composer for many great big bands like the NDR / SWR / HR / radio orchestras. But he also composed for theatre productions and classical orchestras and he was working as a guest conductor for big bands in Switzerland, Portugal and Serbia.

He was granted the Jazz award of the State of Baden-Württemberg in 2002 and the Echo Jazz Award for Bigband in 2015

From 2001-2009 he was professor for jazz composition at the University of Lausanne (Switzerland) and he has become the head of the jazz department of the University of Stuttgart in 2014.