ROD 27 

Rodenstein Records   ROD 27


Tobi Hofmann (tp, flh, e-gt, p, voc, electronics, perc)
Ulrich Wangenheim (ss, ts, alto flute)
Olaf Schönborn (ss, as)
Andrea Göpfert (violine)
Steffen Hamm (violine)
Michael Fenton (viola)
Wolfgang Kursawe (violoncello)
Jan Ingenhaag (perc)

recorded 2005
Movement 1
Böser Traum
Kein Titel
auf dem großen kreis
Movement 2
Quiet Now


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recorded INSIDE a closed down atomic reactor - an amazing and unique musical setting and an extraordinary sound experience
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more about the music
recorded live in a nuclear reactor!

After his first two releases on RODENSTEIN RECORDS – "a jazzy christmas" (ROD19) and "swip swap" (ROD20) Munich-based musician and actor Tobi Hofmann presents his most ambitious and exceptional project:
"inside" – musical improvisations INSIDE a nuclear reactor!
Together with his two colleagues – the saxophonists Ulrich Wangenheim and Olaf Schönborn – Tobi and his 2kiloherz-team recorded the album inside the research reactor "FR 2" in the nuclear research center in Karlsruhe.
Impressed by the vast dimensions of the room and fascinated by the extreme acoustic conditions (almost 13 seconds reverbtime – yet without echo!), they recorded some quiet jazz as well as some atmospheric "sound pictures."
"Inside" features a string quartet as well as electronics, saxophones and a trumpet as well as a waterharp, the sounds of a wooden chair or a broom on the reactor platform.
"Inside" is an exceptional CD, where time seems to stand still and the listener is guided to an "inner" place, like in a dream.